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Co-ownership has been a staple in the financial markets for centuries, with the public able to gain partial ownership in companies by purchasing stock shares in them. Why should that concept and financial model only apply to businesses? At least, that is the thinking behind recent companies who are applying the concept to everything from art and collectibles to pro-sports league athlete contracts.

NBA point guard Spencer Dinwiddie is offering Dream Fan Shares, which allow him to collect upfront cash on his $34 million three-year contract in return for interest and full payment of principal at maturity.

Otis is an app that allows its members to buy shares in works by famous artists, rare comics, and collectible sneakers, such as $75 per share of X-Men Comics #1 or $20 per share of street art from a famous painter.

There are already co-ownership communities for almost every vertical. As blockchain continues to evolve, expect to see even more unique takes on this model.