Spacecadet:  The Marketing VC

we take you to the stars

Spacecadet is more than just a check. We fuel your startup’s rise with marketing support at every stage: from idea to IPO.

Story Sprints

It All Starts With A Story

Boost your startups growth + hiring + fundraising + exit value.

Synthesize Your Strategy

  • Identify Your Audience.
  • Draft, Develop & Design Your Deck.
  • Share Your Story.

Preferred Partners

Discover New Dimensions



Plan a Mission


Brand Strategy

Plant Your Flag


Brand Identity

Break New Ground


Marketing Campaign

Spark a Conversation


Public Relations

Open New Horizons


Content + Community

Vision Quest

Achieve escape velocity

Transformative tools to supercharge your startup.

Success, simplified.

  • A curated collection of tools to name your next venture.
  • Engineer your brand’s visual identity.
  • Draft, develop, and design your deck in a day.

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